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The scientist discovers the dog has 7 kinds of nature

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Report today according to the ABC, researcher discovery, the dog has 7 kinds of nature.

Professor of Ge Silin assistant is opposite the Er of Miao of colleague a place of strategic importance that psychologist Oman amounts to Jones and her to go up oneself 30 time of century arrive 51 present dogs kind research undertook assessment, their research achievement will publish November " practical animal behavior learns " on the magazine. Jones and Ge Silin chose the description of 623 disposition characteristics about the dog, ask animal behavior expert to undertake classified by different sort. Jones says, they sum up 7 kinds of when give a dog the mainest individual character features, it is respectively: Imprint from Α ⒌ ㄇ ⒔ of ⒒ Tuan  suffers from city bath ⒍ to circle pilfer returns Mu to ancient name for a water catltrop from δ decadent of clear of Α ⑽ filter sends pregnant bath Dr. Laijier says pure? of Yi San of  of  of form of 3 comb fermium: Unplug Qu of page of  of M of cheek a key to do sth is troubled by stop does Huan Huixing of extensive of cliff of strong and pervasive fragrance of barren of Cui of  of leech of rare  of excrement of emperor of every of male ┕ of  of  of clear of Xian Meiyi ナ send fat excrement does  of Fang Huan of grave of pregnant predestined relationship change  to think of shake?

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