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The life characteristics of German sheperd dog

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German sheperd dog is very much person wolfhound, its bodily form teachs greatly, the shell is beautiful, erect ear, be full of self-confident eyes, luxuriant wool is lubricious, power fierce head, strong body, compose oneself idle is enraged when standing, the beautiful stage appearance when tantivy, the action is quick, have strong physique and staying power. Train faithfulness of German sheperd dog, easily to command with obedience additionally, have the nature that protects host, it is very good job dog.
German sheperd dog begins from young dog, answer many somes with it together, because loneliness is met,bark aloud, begin to should be mixed more so its amuse oneself, develop the attachment between its and host, let it gets used to new environment as soon as possible and lay good foundation to be communicated with host in the future.
Development of German sheperd dog and grow very fast, food and nutrition are very important, because the organ of young dog is not complete mature, cannot absorb overfeeding, when eating too much cause enteritis problem easily, the feed that raises young wolf dog so should be compared delicate, accomplish eat much food less, good let it be absorbed slowly, should notice to rest amply to young dog at the same time with Morpheus time.
Because type of build or figure of German sheperd dog is greater, must give it activity of many somes of space, because this raises the place of German sheperd dog, one had better be built for its in the courtyard outdoor about 1 meter of kennel that multiplies 1 meter partly, board of the root of fangfeng should be installed in basket top, the ground spreads load edition, all sides is not sealed keep dry and ventilated, prevent its to contract skin disease. Additional, should give a dog right amount campaign, outside wanting to take it to go out everyday, take a walk or ran is controlled one hour, do not make a dog long stay in house, and affect its development and grow.
German sheperd dog arrived one age left and right sides can strengthen training, can teach its to do a few advanced movements and work, make it true make the working dog that uses only, this is the real significance that raises German sheperd dog and value, at the same time Yi Ke brings many life joy.

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